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extendedReach Software: Your Customer Success Manager & Foster Parent

Today we're sharing some content from one of our software solutions, extendedReach.

The extendedReach team is a passionate group of industry experts, and we are excited to share a little more about them. As a customer, if you have met with our Customer Experience team, there’s a good chance you’ve met Shane.  

Warm, kind, and committed to helping customers and his team, today we spotlight another side of Shane- Foster Dad.  



Shane, how long have you been a foster parent?  

I've been a foster parent on and off for 20 years. My first placement (whom I adopted) was a boy that was originally on my caseload with Omni Visions.   

He was almost 13 at the time he came to live with me (20 years ago this month) and he'll soon be 33. He was the first of 10 total that I've fostered for varying periods of time.  3 of those I adopted.  

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