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KCare Pledges 1% to Foster Care Advocacy Organization

The KCare team is thrilled to announce our commitment to pledge one percent of profits to foster care advocacy organization Now I Am Known. We've donated 1% of last year's profits to the foundation.


At KCare, we serve social service, human service, and mental health organizations. For the past 25 years, we have proudly provided seamless, user-friendly software to help caseworkers, clinicians, administrators, and support professionals with case management, EHR solutions, and more. 

About Now I Am Known & Peter Mutabazi

Peter Mutabazi created Now I Am Known to supply resources to vulnerable children in the foster care system. Peter is originally from Uganda. He fled an abusive home at 10 and lived on the streets for five years.

Today, he is a single dad to countless foster kids and one adopted son. For the past 20 years, Peter has worked as a child advocate — in the US and worldwide — promoting wellness and child development. He believes every child deserves to be seen, heard, and known. 

Peter has created a Now I Am Known Youtube channel to promote his foster care advocacy organization and engage others in supporting and learning about the foster care system. He has also penned a Now I Am Known book, about his powerful journey to becoming a foster parent.


By committing to pledge one percent of our profits to Now I Am Known, the KCare team proudly provides funding for this amazing foster care advocacy organization to help spread awareness and give extra help to at-risk youth in the U.S. From new plush stuffed animals for youngsters, to brand-new beds and mattresses for young adults, we are proud to support Now I Am Known's efforts because they are both meaningful and tangible.

Plush Puppies Help Ease Transitions in the Foster Care System

Peter aims to give back as much as he can to vulnerable youth. Currently, Now I Am Known is partnering with foster care agencies to give adorable plush puppies with the message "Now I Am Known, Seen, and Heard" to at-risk kids.

This gift is meaningful for young children experiencing a stressful, confusing time. A new stuffed animal is something to hold, cuddle, carry, and cherish while they cope with the upheaval of navigating the foster care system.

To a child with very few belongings, a new plush puppy becomes a point of stability. In psychology circles, teddy bears, stuffed animals, and the like are called "transitional objects." They help youngsters grow, cope, and become more independent.

Brand New Beds and Mattresses for Foster Children

Now I Am Known has a fund to provide all new foster children with brand-new beds and mattresses. If you've been involved with the foster care system — as a caseworker, administrator, health care provider, foster parent, or foster child — you know how scarce beds can be during times of need.

It's a matter of simple math. More available beds mean more children can get the care they need in an emergency. And we believe few things are more comforting than fresh, clean beds children can call their own.

New Beds for Older Teens and Young Adults

The Now I Am Known organization is also fundraising on behalf of older foster kids and teens to provide brand new beds for them as they prepare to "age out" of the foster care system. If you're involved in foster care, you know the unease these young people face as they leave the foster care system. By providing a new bed and mattress, Now I Am Known provides a comfortable respite for them at the end of every day.

Teens transitioning out of foster care don't have access to the same safety nets others enjoy. A new bed is one less item they need to worry about as they enter adulthood.

The Mutabazi Family

And finally, Peter is fundraising for his foster family. Peter is a single dad who helps dozens of foster children every year. At the time of writing, they specifically need a reliable minivan and extra babysitters. These assets will allow Peter to spend more time speaking on behalf of at-risk children and advocating for children and foster families. 

At KCare, we believe that foster families who host children are the biggest, and most needed, assets to children in their times of need.

More About KCare's Commitment to Pledge One Percent

Pledge 1% is dedicated to building corporate philanthropy. Organizations can pledge one percent of their profits, products, time, or equity. At KCare, we chose to commit cash to Now I Am Known because we feel Peter can use the funds to support his foster care advocacy organization as he sees fit for the rest of the year. 

We chose to work with Pledge 1% because the process is easy, and the non-profits supported are thoroughly vetted. If you've ever felt uneasy about donating to an organization because of its reputation or 501(c)(3) status, Pledge 1% is a terrific solution. 

You've heard the adage, "It takes a village to raise a child." Here at KCare, we strongly agree. We proudly support foster kids, young adults "aging out," foster care families, and foster care professionals through our 1% pledge. 

If you're interested in donating to the I Am Known Foundation, click here for more information.