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KCare Teams Up with Zoom to Provide Secure Telehealth Services


KCare Partners with Zoom

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many people got used to seeing their loved ones over Zoom, and found solace in being able to gather virtually for family holidays and milestones. In this critical time, KCare teamed up with Zoom to ensure that Exym’s customers had access to the best technology available to meet with their clients, stay in touch, and provide support. Through our partnership with Zoom, Exym's behavioral health organizations were able to quickly adapt to the pandemic by becoming telehealth providers. This allowed agencies to continue to provide quality care to some of society's most vulnerable populations, and those who needed services more than ever during this time.

For KCare, working with Zoom was an easy decision. Many of us were already familiar with Zoom and its features because we had used them in our homes for work meetings, and to keep in touch with family and friends. Once we partnered with Zoom to provide telehealth capabilities, we found that our customers were able to figure out and use the platform with ease, and they quickly adapted to using telehealth services. Overall, even those who were new to Zoom found the software to be intuitive and had a quick learning curve.

Even though many providers have gone back to in-person appointments, telehealth patient care is still going strong! Many patients and providers continue to prefer telehealth visits because they find them to be very convenient. Telehealth providers can work from flexible locations, and patients can more easily schedule appointments when they don't have to take the time to drive to a provider's office. Telehealth appointments can now take place virtually anywhere, giving clients more scheduling options and allowing providers to help clients who would traditionally be outside of their service areas.

We are thankful to Zoom, and our dedicated customers, for working together to adopt a  telehealth platform and continuously supporting those most in need. Visit our Zoom Partner page to learn more.

More About Kcare

KCare is a suite of innovative software solutions designed for behavioral health and human services organizations. Our industry-leading EHR, case management, and analytics products are designed to boost employee efficiency while improving client outcomes. For over 25 years, providers have trusted KCare to transform how they deliver care through our software solutions, including extendedReach, Exym, and Stabilify.

As a certified B Corporation, we operate our business in accordance with the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability. We are also part of the global Pledge 1% movement, donating 1% of our profits to the communities served by our customers.