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KCare Teams Up with Zoom Video Communications, Inc. to Provide Secure Telehealth Services

When we all were stuck at home, missing out on family holidays and birthdays, many families found solace in Zoom to stay in touch and still “see” each other. KCare teamed up with Zoom to ensure Exym’s behavioral health appointments were not negatively affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Therapists, psychologists, and other behavioral health organizations were quickly able to adjust to stay-at-home orders by becoming telehealth providers, without sacrificing the quality of care.


For KCare, opting to work with Zoom was a given, as many people are already familiar with using Zoom for work meetings and keeping in touch with family and friends. Even for those new to Zoom, our customers did not encounter many telemedicine challenges in learning the software, as it is very intuitive. 


Despite mandates being lifted, telehealth patient care is still going strong as many patients and providers find telemedicine to be very convenient and easy to use. Providers that were previously limited to their office are now able to help individuals all across the nation.  


Thanks, Zoom, and our dedicated customers, for adjusting and allowing patients to seamlessly continue their care through telehealth!


Visit our Zoom Partner page to learn more.